Start UP

“Start up” means the launch. Typically, a startup is associated with the newly established company or a company that develops and implements new projects and new production.

The term is used for start-up of all sectors of the economy. Ukraine has a high potential to create start-ups. For creation and development of start-ups under the current legislation, it is necessary to register new companies, to obtain permits, licenses, registration of right of property, and more, that significantly complicates life of startupers.

Taking into consideration various risks the participants of business projects face with, as well as the fact that our company has experience and resources required to supervise the start-ups of various levels of difficulty, we provide following services:

  advice on business creation;
  registration of various companies;
  preparation of business plans;
  search for investors, development of schemes and financing schedule;
  mediation in negotiations with credit institutions;
  registration of ownership of real property;
  registration of intellectual property;
  registration of ownership of corporate law, etc.;
  legal support of transactions in business;
  organizing of accounting in enterprises;
  accounting support ;
  franchise services.

The above list of services is inexhaustive. Taking responsibility for the maintenance of startup, our company is focused on providing wide range of services.