Credo Consulting Group is a group of companies with 12 years of experience in providing legal, consulting, auditing and accounting services for businesses and organizations operating in various sectors of the economy.

Credo Consulting Group is presented by highly qualified lawyers, auditors, consultants, who can always provide on time efficient support to Your business.

Specialization of our lawyers includes following branches of law:
  civil Law;                                     economic Law;

  corporate Law;                             tax Law;

  finance Law;                                administrative Law;

  land Law;                                     agrarian Law;

  labor Law;                                    antitrust Law;

  investment Law;                           intellectual property.

Practice in these branches of law contributes to the implementation of various projects by our company. One of such projects is the support of mergers and acquisitions of businesses, its reorganization and restructuring.

The term “Mergers and acquisitions” means the economic processes of consolidation of business and capital. As a result of these transactions, major companies appear in the market, changes in the structure of certain groups of companies are in process, changes of effect on any internal and external markets.

As part of support of mergers and acquisitions, the company Credo Consulting Group provides a range of legal services, thanks to which Customer can get full legal support or specific services in certain areas.

Transaction Services practice provides such basic processes:
  pre-investment preparation;
  due diligence;
  restructuring of the business;
  tax planning;
  protection of assets.

Our projects in this area:
  support the processes of restructuring and reorganization of the agricultural holding;
  support the merger of companies producing pasta and bread;
  transaction support for the removal of the assets of the manufacturing company, in the process of selection of companies and business restructuring.