Law practice

Legal advice:
  oral and written advice on the law;
  preparation of intra-document (statutes, rules, regulations, etc.);
  preparation and analysis of legal documents.

Representation and Advocacy:
  preparation of claims, pre-judicial settlement of disputes;
  consultations, negotiations, law-enforcement bodies and the control of their examination, etc.;
  preparation of procedural documents (statements of claim, a review on the statements of claim settlement agreements, declarations, petitions, etc.);
  representation in courts of all jurisdictions – support for execution of court decisions.

Contractual relationships:
  rafting contracts;
  legal analysis of contracts for compliance with the law;
  participation in negotiations at the conclusion of contracts, amendments, termination of contracts.

Registration of companies:
  registration LTD, PE, FOP, AT, other forms;
  the reorganization of companies (merger, division, etc.);
  changes in the statutes;
  amendments to the registration documents.

  the elimination of all forms of ownership;
  the elimination of FOP.

Licenses and permits:
  medical activities;
  harvesting and processing of recyclable materials;
  other types of licenses;
  permit the employment of foreigners;
  to allow the AMC to agree action on the concentration;
  resolution on health and safety;
  permission to start work;
  other permissions.

Securities and Stock Market:
  registration and maintenance of the issue of securities;
  the organization and maintenance of the additional issue;
  termination of the issue of securities;
  dematerialization of securities;
  reorganization of the AT in other organizational forms;
  preparation, filing and publication reporting issuers (quarterly, annual reports, specific information);
  the organization and holding of meetings of shareholders.

Real Estate, Construction and Land Law:
  preparation and maintenance contracts of sale, exchange, donation, lease and other real estate transactions;
  providing legal expertise on the title documents for real estate;
  the registration of ownership of real estate;
  obtaining permits for construction;
  support of operations on registration of land.

The list of these services is not exhaustive. For more information please contact our specialists.