Management consulting:
  the introduction of management mechanisms;
  analysis of the current business model and its optimization;
  the organization of management accounting and planning;
  advice on the organization and planning of business processes;
  optimization of information exchange and workflow.

Tax advice:
  develop mechanisms to optimize taxation;
  representation in the organs of STS;
  support of scrutiny by the tax authorities;
  challenging the decisions of the tax authorities of inspection;
  tax advice.

Financial advisers:
  the development of business plans, plans of reorganization , investment projects;
  the organization of management accounting and planning;
  financial analysis activities;
  advice on organization and planning;
  advice on finance, credit and capital;
  search and attraction of direct investments, loans, other sources of funding.

HR сonsulting:
  HR audit;
  development of full-time instruction;
  development of employment contracts, agreements;
  development of internal regulations, instructions and rules;
  preparation and registration of the collective agreement;
  maintenance procedures staffing reorganizations;
  the selection of personnel testing of financial services.