Due Diligence

Credo Consulting Group is a diversified legal and consulting company that provides its clients with a complete financial and legal support. One of the directions of our activity is a comprehensive analysis of companies, assessment of financial and legal risks, find solutions and develop strategies for effective management.

Due Diligence – a procedure to form an objective idea of the investee, including the assessment of investment risks.

Conducting Due Diligence usually becomes necessary when:

  implementation of restructuring transactions;

  purchase – sale of enterprises;

  when raising and investment and implementation of large investment projects.

Due Diligence providing services our company provides a full financial and legal analysis of documentation, inventory object auditing financial and economic activities, valuation of assets and many other related services to a comprehensive study of the enterprise.

Conducting Due Diligence will allow you to make sure that:

  all assets, the acquisition of which you want to really exist, belong to the seller and are not burdened with rights of third parties;

  the land on which it is planned construction of an object is selected properly and its permitted use will allow to construct the corresponding object in the future of the construction there is no hidden communication, as well as other obstacles to the implementation of the project;

  the right to property and other assets designed properly and there is no risk of sudden loss;

  the company you are about to buy has all necessary licenses and permits for the conduct of the activity;

  the company carried out correctly accounting and tax accounting and there is no risk of claims by the tax authorities;

  in the company there are no other violations that may result in administrative or criminal liability.

The result of due diligence is a detailed report containing a description of the business or an object and a list of the risks involved with recommendations to minimize them.