Business practices

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Purchaser Business
Seller of a Business
  аdvising on the purchase of existing business;
  search for the finished business for the task, a particular customer;
  negotiations on behalf of the buyer;
  an independent valuation of the sold business (at the buyer );
  a comprehensive examination on the proposed sale of the business (аt the request of the seller) ;
  search for an investor, lender mediation in the negotiations.
  advising on the sale of existing businesses;
  development of legal and business sales tax schemes;
  advising on improvement of investment attractiveness;
  search for a buyer, preliminary talks with him;
  full legal support of transactions of purchase and sale of business (turnkey);
  check the business reputation of the seller (at the buyer );
  ensuring the confidentiality and security of the transaction.


Franchisor (seller franchise) Franchise investor (buyer deductible)
  preparation of the franchise package of documents;
  the legal and financial due diligence of potential franchisees;
  preparation of documents and advising on franchising;
  the organization of negotiations and transaction support.
  advising on franchising;
  individual selection of the optimal franchise;
  preparation of legal documentation;
  negotiations with the franchisor;
  the organization of negotiations and transaction support.